At the beginning was water

Water is the regulating force of nature

Millions of years ago the earth was completely covered with water.  Everything was in motion and could flow freely.  A state of perfect energetic order.  Where water flows freely and can find its way, that is where water is the regulating force of nature still today.

Energy and information are carried to living things by means of water. The element of water takes on information and passes it on where it is needed.

From where does water get this energy?

Mainly it gets its energy from rocks and minerals, that have an energetic connection to the planets. This supports the explanation why water, on the one hand, tastes differently from various sources, but on the other hand also has a different effect on the recipient.

Wild animals, that rely on their instincts, often travel hundreds of miles in order to reach a certain source to drink water. They get the lacking element to regain order in their being. They take water from the earth, grow, thrive and pass on this vibration of the original element to those, that eat this plant. In turn, it is the animals that trust their instincts and know which grasses they must eat in order to regain their balance by means of these vibrations.

Plants take on the water of the earth

Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Bach flowers, realized this principle for the first time as a homoeopathic remedy in regaining one's health. It is the energy of the flowers that received their energy from water, without which they could never have blossomed.

Nature is extremely generous to us - we ought to gratefully accept these gifts.

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Belief in God is the most important thing for me and makes life so beautiful."


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