GRANDER® Circulation Revitalising Devices

For heating circuits, cooling circuits and industrial process water

The GRANDER® circulation water revitalisers for use in heating and cooling circuits. Process water systems are available as in-line units and double-cylinder submersion Units. These can be installed in homes and apartments, middle-size as well as large industrial plants.  


3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 5/4", 6/4", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4"

Devices available:

Circulation Revitalisers are available in flow devices and in double cylinder models.

Heating Water Revitalisation:

The GRANDER® effect is clearly visible here:  dirty and often foul-smelling heating water becomes crystal clear in a short time.

Cooling Water Revitalisation (Industry):

Through the implementation of GRANDER® water revitalisation, stabilized process water by consistent optimization of chemical use can be achieved. 

Threaded connector with red brass nipples:

for prevention of contact corrosion.

Choosing the right device for heating area:

For the correct unit selection, the individual situation is important. Individual counseling is done by trained GRANDER® consultant. Circulation revitalisers should not be used in drinking water!

Installation in Heating Area:

The installation should be done, particularly in high temperature systems, in return flow after a possible dirt separator and to guarantee a problem-free system ventilation in a vertical pipe.

GRANDER® water revitalisation devices work with natural energy, without electricity or chemicals and are completely Service and maintenance-free.

Additional Info

  • Field of application: Heating systems, cooling systems and process water
  • Material:

    GRANDER® water revitalisation devices are manufactured in durable high quality V2A stainless steel, which ensures a long life span.  For special applications, devices (from 3/4\") are available in acid resistant stainless steel V4A.

    The double cylinder devices are produced in V4A stainless steel.

  • Return policy: 3 month return policy for a full refund of purchase price
  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Water is a cosmic matter."


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