Hanni Grander

Hanni Grander @ Daniel Schaefer Hanni Grander
Hanni Grander has played an active role in the family-run company (managing director) since 2002 and is responsible for:
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting & Invoicing

Hanni Grander has an uncanny feeling for people and their needs, and understands how to lead communication in the right direction.

Hanni Grander comments on water as an essential resource:

"Water is the main component of all organisms.  During my long-time work in the health industry the effect water has on people's well-being has been confirmed over and over again.  For this reason, we see it as our main task to make revitalised water available for mankind."

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "If people only realized that earth is a living being, they would approach it very differently."


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