GRANDER® Double Cylinder for Circulation Water

For submersion in open systems

GRANDER® cylinder devices are suited for pre- and post-revitalisation of wells and water containers, i.e. for use in open systems. Models: small double cylinder: measurements:  150 mm high, 120 mm wide, 55 mm deep large double cylinder: measurements: 285 mm high, 180 mm wide, 70 mm deep  

Two types:

              WDZK                 WDZG   Art. Nr. AT, DE
              KDZK                  WDZG   Art. Nr. CH
Height:     150 mm              285 mm            
Width:    120 mm              180 mm             
Depth:       55 mm                70 mm


Cooling circuits in the industry:

By using the GRANDER® Revitalising System, an improvement and a stabilization of the microbiological quality of the cooling and process water while reducing the chemical additives are achieved.

Additional Info

  • Field of application: For immersion in open systems
  • Material:

    V4A stainless steel

  • Return policy: 3 month return policy for a full refund of purchase price
  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Earth is a living thing."


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