The Waterman from Tyrol

The Life of Johann Grander

The film production "The Waterman from Tyrol" details the life of Johann Grander.  Filled with wisdom, humour and self-irony Grander talks about his discovery and approach to nature.  Friends and enthusiasts discuss their use of GRANDER® water, as well as Hansi Hinterseer and the Archbishop of Salzburg Alois Kothgasser.  

Slider  The Waterman from Tyrol Chapter 2

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GRANDER® water, the revitalised water is a frequently-used term in many parts of the world today.  People on all the continents appreciate its pure energy and soothing effect.

Johann Grander was the one who discovered water revitalisation and coined the process with the name.

Johann Grander: "I didn't discover the water revitalisation, rather I was allowed to find it."

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Nothing happens by accident.  It is also not an accident that people are bestowed life.  We are all meant to have a purpose, which we should fulfil."


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