Wild Food Café - Islington, London

The proprietors Joel and Aiste Gazdar had run the Wild Food restaurant in London Covent Garden for nearly 10 years with an exceptionally good water system. This was to be their 2nd restaurant and the first as a chain of Wild Food Cafes and they wanted to up their game.

“A bespoke new generation water system helps us carry our message through to everything we do, it includes everyone in the business - from the team, to the guests. Our message which we share with the world through our work is to eat plenty of hydrating raw, fresh foods, think inspiring thoughts, carry good intentions, be kind and gentle to yourself and your loved ones, remember that water naturally connects us to the states of joy, vitality, effervescence and your internal waters will reflect that, creating a ripple effect in your immediate and extended environment…It is refreshing to remember that we are all of the same water which has been proven to hold memory and contains this infinite potential of all that has been and that will be. With that in mind, we strive to use the best water available to match the frequency and enhance the vibration of fresh and wild foods that we use in our kitchen everyday”


Joel was determined to Invest in the best water they could create with London tap water as his starting point and discussed the vision with Matt Thornton, heading up the New Water Generation who combine the physical characteristics of water with its informational characteristics by a fusion of water technologies combining water structure, aesthetics and energetics. Their aim is to create a new water conscious generation and to give the ultimate experience of waters true nature.

Matts expertise comes being mentored and trained personally by Dr Masaru Emoto, along with his own inspirations and research of such water hero’s of Viktor Schauberger and Johann Grander. With a background in Physics he blends the emerging New Science of Water, the New Science of Consciousness harmoniously with his 20 years training in eastern philosophy and energy arts. (A far cry from his days as a top RAF fighter pilot)

The Wild Food Café is the first restaurant in London to blaze a trail designing from purpose with this truly revolutionary fusion approach of water technologies and to be more in resonance with our food, our water, the environment and our community. Grander Water Revitalisation plays a key role to be at the foundation of this water renaissance.

The result is first class water in the heart of London. The commissioning mechanical engineering company was taken aback by the quality of the water they encountered summing it up simply by saying ‘this water goes in English and comes out Scottish’. Matt suggests the Wild Food Cafe, Islington can rightfully claim to have ‘the best water in London’.


The re-Wilding of our waters has begun.


  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Earth is a living thing."


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