Coffee Press Test

Curator Edmund Mayr of the Coffee Competence Centre in Vienna demonstrates the differences between revitalised and non-revitalised water using the coffee press test

Edmund E. Mayr - curator and chief instructor at the Coffee Competency Centre & Coffee Museum in Vienna - demonstrates the differences between revitalized and non-revitalized water by means of the "coffee press" test.

Based on coffee prepared in two coffee presses of the same size, exact amounts of coffee, one with GRANDER® water and the other with neutral tap water, the coffee expert determined through his test that:

  • for the coffee made with GRANDER® water considerably more strength was needed to work the coffee press, because the grounds swell more when using revitalized water
  • the coffee prepared with GRANDER® water tasted better, had more aroma and offered more enjoyment as was established through the blind tasting.



  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "A healthy life begins with revitalized water."


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