Very happy with my Original GRANDER® Blue Water!

Original GRANDER® Blue Water has a high inner structure

"Water is a cosmic matter", states Johann Grander and refers to the exact dimension, in which the element water must be viewed in order to take further steps to understand it better 

I received a case of the Orginal GRANDER® Blue Water several weeks ago, and have been both happy and excited by using it.

I've done a few 'tests' with it - comparing the difference in drinking water, with and without adding GRANDER®, doing the recommended 'Lemon test', adding it to flower vase water and have seen very definite results!


Probably the most exciting thing so far, is the result of putting an unopened bottle of the water inside the bed covers at night. Before putting it there I'd not been sleeping very well for a week or so, but from the first night of the GRANDER® bottle onwards (must be nearly a month ago now), I slept absolutely beautifully, a relaxed and deep sleep. I 'lent' another bottle to my son as he was not very well and was not sleeping well either ...he's found the same result. Now one of my daughters has taken a 3rd bottle to try it but I've not heard from her yet.

I'm looking forward to the day I will be putting in the whole-house GRANDER® system so I can see the results of using it everywhere, including the garden. Really a very exciting find!

Written on: 02/05/2014 by MirandaR

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Water has an intelligence."


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