Mei Leaf Tea House, London

High Quality Tea made with GRANDER® water

Mei Leaf Tea House Mei Leaf Tea House
GRANDER® Revitalized Water contributes considerable to the taste, bouquet and digestibility. Therefore, coffee and tea lovers swear by the proper water, apart from the beans and leaves of course. It must be light, fresh and revitalized in order to allow the aroma to unfold optimally. The highest quality water makes the highest quality teas.

The teahouse located in Camden Town is designed as a unique space dedicated to True Tea with a tea shop and tea bar.

 "Having Grander ® installed was like going back to the mountains.

The water is softer and more lubricating and our teas taste more vibrant and slightly sweeter. Grander ® brings tea back to its source”.

Mei Leaf Tea House Director, Don Mei


Grander Water Revitalisation at ChinaLife (Mei Leaf) and Acumedic in London
  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Belief in God is the most important thing for me and makes life so beautiful."


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