The Milestone Detox, Cotswolds

Guests enjoy GRANDER® Revitalized Water

GRANDER® for The Milestone Detox Retreat Centre GRANDER® for The Milestone Detox Retreat Centre
In March 2015 Milestone opened their doors for guests and helped them to make positive, lasting changes in their lives, adding great tasting raw food and juices to their lifestyles.

In setting up a new detox retreat business, we knew that providing good water was a vital ingredient. We can access local spring water but we wanted our clients to be able to reproduce at home, what they experienced at our centre. So after using GRANDER® Water Revitalisation boards for three months, we were thrilled to be able to recommend them to our clients as a means of revitalising their water - wherever they live.


After more than a year we installed the larger whole house Grander water unit into the main building so now our clients can bathe and shower in GRANDER® revitalised water. After reading and hearing so much about all the benefits we are thrilled that all our guests benefit from GRANDER® Water Revitalisation.


Working with GRANDER® as a company has been excellent.

The pleasant GRANDER® consultant came to our home and gave us a thorough demonstration and presentation of all the GRANDER® products. Communication and order fulfilment has been nearly immediate so working with Grander UK has been a great pleasure.

Written by Helena Cavan

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "There are no two waters alike."


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