Is the truth no longer sought after?

A statement from Johann Grander about the truthful content of various blogs and internet sites ...

"If one examines various blogs and online sites for their truthful content, one comes to the conclusion with some critics that, the more they insist on alleged science, the less importance is placed on true facts.  'If it harms GRANDER®, then facts can be omitted and inaccurate arguments brought forth,' seems to be the motto.

A particular specialty of these obscure groups of critics is camouflaging and deception.  It can happen that GRANDER® customers are confronted with emails from universities, in which pressure is put on them and they are completely rattled afterwards.

This happened recently, and the customer came to us with the request to answer the critic's questions.  As a result, there was a meeting arranged at our customer's company, to which two gentlemen of the self-proclaimed critics association took part.

Upon closer questioning during the initial round of introductions, it astounded us to find out that these men were participating in the meeting as private association members, and the letter head of the university was "mistakenly" used instead of the private sender's.

The first argument that the GRANDER® water revitalisation could possibly cause an increase in the price of the excellent, baked goods of our customer, was easily and plausibly invalidated by the company leaders.  The critics' suggestion to remove the water revitalisation was energetically rejected by our customers as well as the demand to remove the GRANDER® logos from various packaging and any GRANDER® text found in diverse communication documents.

The two gentlemen also mentioned wholeheartedly the success that they had in a campaign they started against a manufacturer of herbal teas.  However, we could not determine any connection to GRANDER® here.

The second argument, which dealt with the delisting of GRANDER® with a group of companies, was simply wrong and fabricated, and could easily be corrected by us.

We ask ourselves, how often such methods are used?

We don't want our customers, who have convinced themselves of the advantages the GRANDER® water revitalisation offers, to be bothered by self-proclaimed want-to-be consumer protection groups, since the majority of these very small and closed, private groups have no experience whatsoever with water revitalisation.

Therefore, I personally accept the responsibility to answer all such questions and queries from our customers.

At this point I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, because, without you, the success of GRANDER® water revitalisation would not have been possible."

Kind regards, 

Johann Grander

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Water is a cosmic matter."


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