Drinking Water

GRANDER® as an energy program of nature

We often put a lot of consideration into what we eat - but we seldom take a close look at our drinking habits...

We should consider our drinking habits more, because we aren't drinking enough.  People who only drink when they feel thirsty already have a lack of fluids in their body.  A human can live approximately one month without food, however, he can only survive 5 - 7 days without water. Therefore, it is  at least equally important to have the right kind (of high-quality water) and adequate amounts of water for our well-being.

Water is the main component of our bodies and plays a central role within our entire organism, since all bodily functions are significantly influenced by how much water we drink.

Our body is similar to a water-driven motor: in order to function well, all the cells have to constantly receive adequate amounts of fluid. Water is the best biological solvent for purifying the body of toxins; it improves blood supply to the organs; it increases the metabolism; it regulates the body temperature and strengthens the body's immune system.  The best-ever positive side effect:  water has no calories, however uses them when we drink it.

If you place value on quality of life and your well-being, then you can demand the best when it comes to water.  GRANDER® revitalized water is pure enjoyment: from the revitalized shower in the morning to the pleasurable cup of tea in the evening - for countless thousands of users across the continent GRANDER®  is a part of their everyday life, because GRANDER® is nature's energy program.

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is a process which improves the quality of the water in a natural way.

GRANDER® revitalized water:

  • tastes good and goes down easily
  • is high in quality
  • improves one's feeling of well-being
  • is gentle on skin and hair
  • helps reduce use of laundry and cleaning detergents
  • contributes to the reduction of corrosion and thereby protects the heating



  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Our climate is becoming warmer and more unsettled."


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