GRANDER® revitalized water for a sustainable, biological balance in ponds and biotopes ...

Every water surface - whether a swimming pond, water garden or biotope - offers a variety of life to a garden.

Creating the Basic Requirements

Even with a water surface of 5 m2 and a minimum depth of 80 cm a stable relationship is formed.  By creating a pond (location, depth, regeneration zone, material, sun light ....) are all basic requirements for a natural functioning of a pond and regular pond cleaning (removal of biomass, regular cutting back of swamp and shore grasses ...) guarantees long-term pleasure with the water oasis.

Micro-organisms contribute to self-cleaning

Water plants absorb nutrients from the water and produce oxygen.  Many organisms, which re-process dead plants and animals to nutrients, contribute to self-cleaning.  The animal plankton, whose well-known representative is the water flea, filters swimming algae out of the water.  In a well-functioning garden pond or biotope used as a swimming pond the living participants that, to a great extent, maintain the balance are: the algae, plants, algae-eaters, fish as well as the bacteria.  The water is clear and transparent.

Disturbance to the life cycle?

If the biological life cycle is disturbed through too many fish or the wrong ones, or by over-fertilizing the water, the relationship between the organisms is displaced.  Most of the time coatings on the water increase greatly, but yet can't be seen by the naked eye, and the water becomes green and non-transparent.  Taller water plants can become covered with other algae and die.  Finally, bacteria use the oxygen present in the water for their decomposition process and fish die off - the pond is ecologically dead.

Stable - without any chemicals

By means of the GRANDER® water revitalisation the natural self-cleaning process in the pond water is strengthened and the sustainability and the recovery of the biological balance is supported.  Only resistant ponds can quickly regenerate themselves after any pollution or burdens.

Many garden enthusiasts, pond owners and managers of both fish and swimming ponds report that through the use of the GRANDER® water revitalisation floating algae have decreased and have even vanished.  Even thread algae decrease in number, fish are healthier; as well there are fewer skin injuries and fewer parasite infestations, and nature swimmers rave about the pleasant feeling the revitalized water has while swimming or bathing.

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "If people only realized that earth is a living being, they would approach it very differently."


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