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Recreating the spa feeling at home: GRANDER® leaves nothing to be desired

Vitality & Well-being | At Home Springhorn Media
GRANDER® water revitalization introduces a whole new level of softness to tap water, making bathing and showering so much more relaxing while being gentle to skin and hair.

Refreshing inside out: GRANDER® helps you regain your balance

In manifold ways, GRANDER® water revitalization will help you feel more balanced and full of energy. The soft water will not only caress your skin and create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. You will also notice a boost in your general well-being when drinking revitalized water on a daily basis.  

Advantages of GRANDER® with regard to well-being

  • fosters your inner balance and vitality
  • makes taking a bath or shower a pleasant experience
  • nurtures skin and hair
  • feels extra soft
  • creates a pleasant atmosphere in rooms and homes
  • enhances your general well-being

Products for private use

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "Water is a cosmic matter."


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