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GRANDER® pays off Revitalized water helps you save in surprisingly many fields as GRANDER® water ...
  • utilizes raw materials (such as yeast, coffee, tea, and starch) more fully
  • dissolves sugar and salt more easily
  • stays fresh for a long time
  • can be left in machines and equipment for longer periods thanks to its higher stability
  • enables a sparing use of cleaning agents
  • reduces the use of chemicals in pools
  • minimizes the smell of chlorine and cleaning agents
  • provides for flourishing plants in gardens
  • reduces lime deposits and rust formation
  • minimizes silt and deposit formation in radiators and pipes
  • protects heating and air-conditioning systems
  • lowers heating and air-conditioning costs
  • increases the service life of technical devices and equipment
  • extends maintenance intervals and reduces the frequency of equipment repairs
  • reduces susceptibility to contamination
  • saves fresh water used for pools
  • This way, GRANDER® reduces your enterprise’s overall operating costs (electricity, chemicals, cleaning agents, chlorine, maintenance, staff, etc.).

These are sustainable savings that benefit both nature and your enterprise.

  • Johann Grander Sen.

    (1930 - 2012)

    "There are no two waters alike."


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