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Sharon Pinder, Energy Architect, Buckinghamshire


That's what we call it.

After feeling the benefit from drinking Grander Blue Water and reading the literature I ordered Grander Skin Care Water for my 11 year old son who had a large patch of cracked, itchy, irritating eczema on his foot. The result is stunning. The skin care water has reduced itching and redness. The skin, although not fully healed, is not red and angry and is softer, all splits on the toe joints are gone!

As anyone who suffers from skin conditions will know the urge to scratch cannot be ignored but the action of scratching exacerbates the condition and you end up in a "spiral" of itching and scratching. So reducing the urge to scratch can give the skin a chance to heal. My son now sprays the water morning and evenings, without prompting, which is worthy of a mention in itself and christened it "Magic Water". I am excited that a pure, simple, natural product which can relieve these symptoms and is available to all.

I have installed a Grander revitalisation unit so we have the Magic Water on tap and most noticeable for me is the reduction in prescribed moisturiser I use after showering. My skin feels great.


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