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Seamus Allard, Allard Heating & Plumbing, Co Claire, Ireland
I have found the Grander unit an excellent product to use, the convenience of not having to bring electricity or non-use of any salt, like most other water softeners to make it work has saved me an amount of time and money since I installed it in early 2006.

As a family man with four children under the age of eight, we have noticed the difference in our clothes, hair and also the feel of the water we use daily, this has been a winner for me and my family.

This product has impressed me so much that as a plumbing and heating contracting company, I have applied to become a reseller for Grander products in the Clare/Limerick region.

This will help my customers in two ways, they will not have to get salt or remember to put salt into a water softener which was leading to annoying call backs, as this is what we had to sell to them before. Secondly they can now purchase “water revitalisation technology “ that has been used successfully for 25 years, and they now have the peace of mind to know that “It does what it says on the tin”.

Were looking forward to working more in the near future and as everyone is now moving into renewable energy the need for these units will be greater as using solar leads to higher cylinder temperatures and these units will combat the lime scale associated with these temperatures.


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