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Ms S Courtney, Business Coach, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
The scientist in me was rather sceptical of Grander Water but none the less I wanted to try an energy board to see if I noticed any difference.

The water that has been sitting on the energy board does indeed taste better; unprompted others amongst my family and friends have said it tastes smoother and is more pleasant to drink. My children, who have never been great water drinkers, now drink more than they ever have with more than half their daily liquid intake being water.

However the most noticeable difference I have noticed is in my cut flowers and pot plants. Cut flowers last about twice as long when I use water that has been on the board. I used to buy a pot of basil from the supermarket at least once a fortnight and often, weekly. The pot basil I have at the moment must be 3 months old and just keeps producing more basil. I can only attribute this to grander water.

If this is what it is doing for flowers and plants, it must have a similarly positive effect on me and my family. So we shall keep drinking grander water.


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