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Richard Hodkin, Gloucestershire
We live in an old mill property in the Cotswolds where water is piped directly from a nearby spring but the water is very hard. We suffer from lime-scale on surfaces such as taps, basins etc. Having read "on Track of Water's Secrets" we bought a Grander small double cylinder unit (DZKL) and hung it in our 50 gallon cold water tank and switched off the electronic descaler. Almost immediately we noticed that the water tasted even better. The hard crusty scale deposits started to disappear - some of their own accord or by wiping off. We needed far less washing powder in the washing machine (about half) we found that the clothes came out cleaner and fresher. This also applied to other cleaning materials around the house. The water feels soft and a soak in the bath makes you feel good as well as clean and there are indications that it is helping my arthritic knees. Washed hair is softer and more controllable.


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