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Kate A'Vard, Nutritional Blood Microscopist, Surrey
It's not that often that I come across products that support the healing protocols that I use as a blood demonstrator.

Yeast and bacteria present in the blood cause the breakdown of body tissues and organs, and in a short two week period drinking the Blue Water added to bottled water, my blood was completely clear of all yeast and bacteria. It keeps the plasma clean and the blood and tissues pH balanced, which is critical to healing and longevity. I’ve had more energy, sleep incredibly well, my body bounces back more quickly from stress and in that two week period, I shed 1 stone of extra body weight.

I am now recommending the Grander set of products to my clients as a way of energising and healing themselves from the inside out, but especially those with yeast based challenges such as candida, eczema/dermatitis, athletes foot, vaginal infections, flaky scalp, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS and cancer. The results have been phenomenal and the rate at which the body heals itself using these products has been mind blowing.


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