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Ingrid Greenfield, Artisan Bread Ltd, Whitstable, Kent 
www.artisanbread.ltd.uk - mail@artisanbread.ltd.uk 
Artisan Bread are makers of the finest biodynamic bread for which we use energized spring water. Our bakery is in a very hard water area. We installed a Grander water revitalization unit to our mains water in May 2004 to help us with cleaning. Every 2 months we have to descale our water boiler for the proving cabinet with industrial descaler. As we only use ecological cleaners for all other cleaning needs - this was a bit of an issue! This time the lime scale came away easily without the need for acid. The really amazing thing was that the limescale had formed into the most beautiful crystalline formations, which we could just lift out! We had to take off a water filter to the ovens - it just did not work. All we have now is the 'granderized' mains water to the ovens and the steam pipes are squeaky clean. There is more to report: Lime scale in the kettle just brushes off and horrid lime scale in the shower just wipes off!


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