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Chris Hicks, Coach Operator, East Sussex
Last year we stayed at the Alpine Hotel, Seiler, Kuhtai in Austria on a skiing holiday. I suffer with psoriasis so am sensitive to water. Every evening I spent about 15 minutes in the hotel Jacuzzi. I noticed that my skin was repairing itself without the use of steroid creams. The hotel manager told me they had installed a Grander revitalising unit.

On returning to the UK we purchased a unit for our home. After a few weeks we noticed a change in our drinking habits. Neither of us drink much water, we do not like the taste. However, the Grander water tasted so good that I now get up to a pint of water in the morning and go to bed with a tumbler of water.

Over the past 8 years I have had 5 implants on my vocal cords and was always being told by the speech therapist to drink more water. Since installing the Grander unit and increasing my water intake over 6 - 7 months, friends and family have remarked on my voice sounding much better. I am sure this improvement is due to increased hydration. We prefer showers to bathing and have just bought a villa in Spain and intend to install a Grander unit in our Spanish home which will also revitalise the water for the swimming pool.


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