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Grander House Unit
After a few weeks I noticed a Since we installed Grander we have had no problem with our hot water system
Michael Shields, Retired University Lecturer, Drogheda, Ireland
Grander Portable Revitalising Unit
Increased the softness to my skin
Debby Thurston, Design Help Studio, London W5
Grander House Unit
Lime scale in the kettle just brushes off….
Artisan Bread Limited, Whitstable, Kent
Grander Blue Water
Since taking Grander water, I have not had any menopausal symptoms at all.
Vera Peiffer, Health Kinesiologist, Surrey
Grander Blue Water
It has health promoting properties giving the recipient a feeling of well being.
Colin Foster, Retired Senior Nurse Manager, Dorset
Grander Tank Unit
My first shower switched me from a negative mood to a positive mood.
Nicholas Jones, Actor, Cymystwyth, Wales
Grander Tank Unit
I only feel better after bathing at home
Dr. Peter Hinde, Nutritional Therapist and Body Electronics Instructor, Manchester
Grander Skin Care Water
My 2 year old son’s eczema disappeared
Joan Clark, Employment Co-ordinator, Essex
Grander Energy Board
Water changed to something like nectar
Alan Clarke, Riverside Selection, Richmond, Surrey
Grander Blue Water
My digestive problems passed and weight loss was easier.
Denice Lobb, Greater Manchester
Grander Skin Care Water
I cannot believe the difference, it's not all about expensive products!
Helen Mason, Woodford, London
Grander Energy Board
The water has a distinctly smoother taste and texture than before.
Anni Dixon, Complementary Practitioner, London
Grander House Unit
Most of all I now have delicious drinking water on tap!
Ann Martin, Community Nurse, Dublin
Grander Blue Water
We believe it energises our soaps
Denise Wain, Milk and Roses Soaps, Leicestershire
Grander Energy Board
I could hardly taste the chlorine
Maurice Press, Disability Resource Team, Middlesex
Grander Tank Unit
There are indications that it is helping my arthritic knees.
Richard Hodkin, Gloucestershire
Grander Skin Care Water
The eczema suffered by my 11 year old is no longer red and angry
Sharon Pinder, Energy Architect, Buckinghamshire
Grander Blue Water
My blood was completely clear of all yeast and bacteria
Kate A'Vard, Nutritional Blood Microscopist, Surrey
Water for Life
Your body consists of 70% water

Why so much?
Every day your body uses the equivalent of 10 large glasses of water as you:
•    Exhale ½ ltr of water
•    Perspire ½ ltr
•    Lost 1 ½ ltr in urine and faces
Water Pour 
How much do we need each day?
Water filters and purifies your blood 24 hours a day and is your body’s self-healing system.  Your kidneys act as filters, extracting toxins and excreting them through perspiration via your body’s biggest single organ – your skin, and also through urination.  This purification process can only function optimally if your daily water intake is high enough to remove the daily onslaught of toxins.  The equivalent of 2 lts per day is the minimum recommended by most health officials.  

What happens when you don’t drink enough water?
Your body’s water supply passes through your kidneys recyling approx 180 ltrs every day!  Dehydration significantly stresses the kidneys, the body becomes sluggish and inefficient as toxins build up in the bloodstream. The body’s energy-depleted, dehydrated cells can’t function normally, so health diminishes.  Dry skin, dry hair and brittle nails signal a lack of water.  Many headaches are actually a sign of dehydration and can often be corrected very easily by slowly drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water.  

Water and natural weight management
If you are trying to lose weight, water is your best friend!  Water acts as a natural appetite suppressant.  Each time you fell an unwanted hunger pang, answer it by slowly drinking a large glass of water.  It will refresh you, distract you and fill your stomach.  More importantly, hunger pangs are usually your body crying out for water not food!!  This is because the brain cannot tell the difference between a thirst signal and a hunger signal.  However the slimming works only with still water.  Carbonated water and all other drinks have a negative effect.

Dehydration = water retention

If we don’t drink enough water the body will see this as a threat to survival and store water for later use, resulting in water retention.  Drinking more water therefore averts this defence mechanism.

Not all fluids hydrate the body

Coffee and tea are dehydrating agents, the more you drink the faster water will pass through your body limit yourself to one or two cups a day.

Diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners.  These chemicals trick the brain into thinking “energy” is on the way.  When no energy arrives, hunger pangs develop.  The confused body and rain is never satisfied until real food hits the stomach, diet drinks therefore actually cause hunger!

Avoid cordials, they are usually sugar-saturated or contain artificial sweeteners.  Eat a piece of fruit instead; it’s far healthier, and more refreshing.

Were you brought up to feel safe with fruit juices?  Wrong!  The real food value and fibre has been discarded, leaving only a calorie-laden fruit-sugar-saturated solution stored in plasticized cardboard along with chemical preservatives.  Water is best!

Water is your LIFEFORCE
Drink 2 litres a day, preferably filtered water, avoid caffeine and sugar-laden drinks, drink slowly and enjoy the extra energy and health you will acquire!

Copywright Nikki Zalewski 2003