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Grander Blue Water
It has health promoting properties giving the recipient a feeling of well being.
Colin Foster, Retired Senior Nurse Manager, Dorset
Grander Tank Unit
My first shower switched me from a negative mood to a positive mood.
Nicholas Jones, Actor, Cymystwyth, Wales
Grander Tank Unit
I only feel better after bathing at home
Dr. Peter Hinde, Nutritional Therapist and Body Electronics Instructor, Manchester
Grander Skin Care Water
My 2 year old son’s eczema disappeared
Joan Clark, Employment Co-ordinator, Essex
Grander House Unit
After a few weeks I noticed a Since we installed Grander we have had no problem with our hot water system
Michael Shields, Retired University Lecturer, Drogheda, Ireland
Grander Portable Revitalising Unit
Increased the softness to my skin
Debby Thurston, Design Help Studio, London W5
Grander Energy Board
Water changed to something like nectar
Alan Clarke, Riverside Selection, Richmond, Surrey
Grander Blue Water
My digestive problems passed and weight loss was easier.
Denice Lobb, Greater Manchester
Grander Skin Care Water
The eczema suffered by my 11 year old is no longer red and angry
Sharon Pinder, Energy Architect, Buckinghamshire
Grander Blue Water
My blood was completely clear of all yeast and bacteria
Kate A'Vard, Nutritional Blood Microscopist, Surrey
Grander Energy Board
I could hardly taste the chlorine
Maurice Press, Disability Resource Team, Middlesex
Grander Tank Unit
There are indications that it is helping my arthritic knees.
Richard Hodkin, Gloucestershire
Grander Skin Care Water
I cannot believe the difference, it's not all about expensive products!
Helen Mason, Woodford, London
Grander Energy Board
The water has a distinctly smoother taste and texture than before.
Anni Dixon, Complementary Practitioner, London
Grander House Unit
Lime scale in the kettle just brushes off….
Artisan Bread Limited, Whitstable, Kent
Grander Blue Water
Since taking Grander water, I have not had any menopausal symptoms at all.
Vera Peiffer, Health Kinesiologist, Surrey
Grander House Unit
Most of all I now have delicious drinking water on tap!
Ann Martin, Community Nurse, Dublin
Grander Blue Water
We believe it energises our soaps
Denise Wain, Milk and Roses Soaps, Leicestershire
You Can Take A Horse To Water Print E-mail

 Felicity Wilson, the well-known animal healer, uses Equine Touch, Bach flower remedies and crystals as well as appropriate allopathic prescriptions. And now she has a new powerful tool – water.

“Toxins need to be flushed from the system during the healing process,” explains Felicity. “The problem is that some horses cannot even be bribed to drink, which seriously blocks their chance of recovery”.

Grander Water, developed by the Austrian naturalist Johann Grander, keeps the freshness and vitality of water at its source. Units can be plumbed in to revitalize mains water, and separate rods can be used in an enclosed space such as a horse trough.

One horse that refused to drink was Spring Gift, who was suffering with a suspensory ligament that failed to heal, and had spent two years in and out of the equine hospital. His owner approached Felicity as a last resort, and within six weeks of drinking Grander Water he became sound. A year later, he is now fit and well, jumping, bucking, cantering and taking part in dressage competitions.

“Horses that are dehydrated do not reach their full potential, whether for competition or health,” says Felicity. “Spring Gift’s recovery has become possible because he now wants to drink. We have installed units from Grander Water in the stables and horse troughs, which provide superb quality water that horses love. We are seeing faster progress to health, as well as dramatic improvement in coat and hoof quality.

For more information on animal healing visit or call Felicity Wilson on 01249 740251.

Date Online: 30/05/2007